We all need more money, don’t we? We all want to win some money… right? Or at least find a way to earn a bunch of extra money! The bottom line is that millions of people do NOT have enough money! Sure, some folks might get very lucky and win the money, others might do something to bring in some extra income, and some might do both!

I wanted to find a way to make some extra money, working in my spare time, from home, and I wanted to earn the money “under the radar,” as they say! I looked around online, and then I found a very cool trio of books, that had the information I was seeking:

3 Book Assortment

These books are pretty easy to read and understand, and you won’t find them in any library or bookstore, so you can click that photo, and it will send you to the site where I ordered them!

You should consider these as your “muse,” to give you some good ideas about making money from home, and you can always do a bit of additional reading or studying online to learn more about your chosen home based business idea, once you’ve selected one!

Did you know that nearly 15 Million adult Americans have their own business? That’s pretty cool! I am one of them, and YOU can be one too, starting today! After all, there’s no time like the present!

Here is another awesome book, also from the same site:

25 Great Ways

I got that one too, and I love it because it has over 300 sources for wholesale merchandise, and who wouldn’t want to save HUGE money by purchasing goods at wholesale? We live in an era where no one should be paying full retail anymore!

So, whether you want to sell goods or offer a service, and whether you want to do it in your own community, or via the Internet, there are tons of ways that a person can make money working from home! How would you like an extra $200 a week? Just a measly 200 hundred bucks a week would make a HUGE difference in the lives of most Americans and this can easily be done, and pretty quickly! In time, you could probably up that to an extra 400 or 500 bucks a week! How does that sound?

On my new blog, we will discuss making money from home, winning money, and other ways to scrape up some money! By the way, on the same site where I got these awesome books, they also have lucky amulets and charms to help people WIN money through gambling, so for all you lottery players… that is also something to consider!

Best of Luck!


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