I love this idea! I am retired and for fun I like to visit casinos. When I win a substantial sum, which happens every now and then, I like to give cash gifts to my daughter and her two college aged girls. I enjoy finding various ways to do this. Once I got three potato chip bags, carefully made a slit in the bottom of each, empties out the contents, then managed to clean the insides and let them dry. Then I crumpled up a bunch of twenty, fifty, and hundred dollars bills, slipped them into each of the three bags, then sealed them closed.

When I visited my daughter (a widow) and her two daughters who were home from school for the summer, I presented each of them with a big gift bag, inside was a bunch of tissue paper surrounding the potato chip bags. When they thought they each only received a bag of chips, my daughter and one of the granddaughters had a look of disappointment on their faces. But my other granddaughter said, “That’s Okay Pop-Pop I love potato chips, and when she tore her bag open she squealed with delight when she saw all the crumpled up money inside!

I am going to get some of these boxes, then next time I have a decent win, I will give them each a money machine box! Thanks for the great ideas!



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